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  • HOME Salganik Solutions is a Dallas Business Consultancy specializing in search engine optimization & other internet marketing services for companies with the desire to leverage a viable SEO Strategy to accomplish strategic business objectives. Areas of practice include: Law Firm SEO, Healthcare, Medical, and Physician SEO Serivices.
  • ABOUT Salganik Solutions, Founded in 2009 by Josh Salganik, was created with the same theories & logic used in universally accepted investment techniques throughout the financial management industry. Josh has seemingly taken the guesswork out of website optimization through implementing a protocol using statistics & probability, thus leaving nothing to chance. After 2 years of data-mining & testing, the Alpha SEO Strategy was born.
    • Josh Salganik Official Profile of Josh Salganik, Founder & President of Salganik Solutions, Inc. Josh is also the President of SEO Strategies for Proterra Advertising, a Dallas-based traditional and online advertising firm.
    • Taylor Barke Visit Taylor Greer Barke's Official Page on Salganik Solutions, Inc; an online interactive agency.
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  • SERVICES The Alpha SEO Strategy, LLC; Powered by: Salganik Solutions, Inc. is a proprietary methodology derived from the use of statistics & probability, with an application within the field of search engine optimization. Having our roots in numbers, the Alpha Strategy was created with a single-minded focus surrounding conversions, which starts with demand quantification. This approach ensures that each unique niche market opportunity is thoroughly investigated, thus leaving nothing to chance mathematically.
    • Law Firm SEO Salganik Solutions, Inc. specializes in Online Marketing for Attorneys, helping your law firm to develop an online strategy that allows you to outrank your competition, regardless of your legal expertise, or areas of practice.
    • Medical SEO Our firm has gained invaluable experience and recognition for our Medical SEO account performance, having provided SEO for Doctors, Spine Surgeons, Bariatric Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, Mental Health Therapists, Pain Management Doctors, and more.
    • Reputation Mgmt Reputation Management and Monitoring Services by Salganik Solutions, Inc.
    • Video Optimization The Video Publication Optimization (VPO) Package is a great way to prepare yourself for the enormous amount of video-driven traffic predicted to account for 54-90% of all web traffic by the year 2014! Salganik Solutions can help you lay the foundation that will best position your website for this anticipated traffic driving trend.
    • Link Building As a general rule of thumb, even link building should be part of an organic seo strategy. If you write good content, you get good links- hence this happens naturally, only over time.
    • Social Media Optimization You know SEO & you know Social Media. Put them together, you get more than the traditional 1-2 punch. Get to know the new social media optimization.
  • CASE STUDIES Individual SEO Client Case Studies to be published soon. (thanks for keeping us so busy!)
  • CONTACT Interested in SEO Services? Call 214.814.5001 today for a Free Consultation! Available with Josh Salganik or Taylor Barke for all of 2014.
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