Dallas/Fort Worth Law Firm SEO

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and other search engine marketing strategies for service industries, law is certainly one of the more hyper-competitive and saturated markets especially with online pay-per-click advertising (i.e. Google Adwords).

Inflated cost per click can prove to be a barrier to entry which can occur as a result of two factors:
Excessive online advertising budgets
Bidding wars between law firms for specific underlying keywords
The biggest problem I see with law firm SEO isn't the optimization work itself, but the misconception that being number one in paid ads (pay-per-click advertising) is of utmost importance.

Sure, paid placement can land you in the #1 paid spot on page 1 of Google Search results, but what many are unaware of is that this doesn't come without consequences. Many law firms following this path can incur unnecessary spend resulting in unqualified traffic, unqualified leads and negative return on investment.

Salganik Solutions can help your law firm avoid the pitfalls of internet marketing by creating an individually customized strategy tailored specifically to intercept demand for the most qualified and viable online searches for your target market and measured by quantified demographics.

Salganik Solutions has managed successful campaigns in most legal practice areas and has worked in tandem with law firms and professional corporations spanning three countries including the United States (Dallas, New York, Washington D.C.), Brazil and Germany, among others as well as reputation management, press releases and national media coverage across major news networks.
The internet is the one of the best sources of new client leads for law firms and practices (second only to word of mouth referrals).

Salganik Solutions, Inc. has successfully optimized and outranked nearly 20 law firm websites in the following law practice areas:
Federal Fraud Charges
Mortgage Fraud
Bank Fraud
Mail/Wire Fraud
Securities Fraud
Healthcare Law
Physician Self-Referral Laws
Anti-Kickback Statute
Safe Harbor Laws
HIPAA Compliance Programs
Federal Civil Litigation
SEC Litigation
Privacy Litigation
Class Action Litigation
Federal Subpoena
Criminal Law
Internet and Computer Crimes
Money Laundering
Immigration Law
Federal Criminal Defense
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